I used to be an entrepreneur now I’m not so sure.

Thirty years ago I cashed in my teaching pension – it was only five years worth but it helped – and started my own specialty food business.

Let me give you the background.

  1. Nobody talked about entrepreneurship in 1985.
  2. Just about all food was stuffed with preservatives and additives.
  3. Linda McCartney and her veggie stuff wasn’t on the scene.
  4. I knew nothing about running my own business and the business advisor asked why I wanted to give up a stable job like teaching.
  5. Two years after I started, I win a business award from HRH Prince Charles.
  6. I was a really shit businessman but a really good entrepreneur.

Fast forward to now.

  • Now I make people laugh and give them information and inspiration to nurture and sustain them on their enterprise journey
  • I write books
  • I make films
  • I make podcasts
  • I make entrepreneurs laugh recounting my experiences
  • I stir things up like the enterprise anarchist I am.
  • I have an expensive Coffee, and Vivienne Westwood and kilt habit!

If you’re interested in the above then you should consider buying The Accidental Entrepreneur’s Handbook!

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So Why Should You Listen To Enterprise Iain

After my foray into speciality food and the highs and lows, I went back to Glasgow University to work on a project on how people learn to be enterprising.

Two years after that I left, started my enterprise voyage again and that’s when it got really exciting.

Here’s a bit from an interview…

“Enterprise Iain has invented a whole new way of learning to be enterprising. What makes his approach to starting a business so different from everyone else is he believes and will show you that you learn how to be an entrepreneur the same way you learn how to make a cake. Enterprise Iain focuses not on the business plan, but the individual.

“When you work with people who have lost some of their self confidence or are intimidated by the Dragons Den and The Apprentice style of business and enterprise, you need a whole new way of learning to be enterprising.” said Iain. “ I created my 6 enterprise ingredients. I focussed not on the plan but the individual.

I binned the business plan.  I sacked the “sit down listen to me” seminars.  I brought story telling back to learning to be enterprising.  I created Enterprise Talk Oots and Enterprise Conversations and turned them into Enterprise Iain’s Enterprise Island Challenge, probably the most successful processes for helping engage with people and let them think through their dreams and aspirations.”

From 2000 to 2010 Enterprise Iain worked with over 1,300 people who had never dreamt they could start their own business.  From Blackpool to Banff and Buchan, from Padstow to Bradford, from Leeds to Croydon, Enterprise Iain has used his knowledge and passion and – yes – his teaching skills to help unlock the enterprise potential of so many people.”

What Does Enterprise Iain Do Now ?

“Well I have taken all the things I learned about how people do not understand overheads and contribution and selling and all the business stuff and made it easy and fun to understand.

I tell stories of how people overcome obstacles and solve problems and I put that knowledge and experience into my books and films and interviews.