Nearly all of our most prosperous, successful companies and organisations were started in an economic downturn or period of financial instability. The reason is quite simple. Entrepreneurs capitalise on chaos because they not only think differently and see opportunities where others see threats, they act on this knowledge.

They translate into swift action and reap the financial rewards. They do not acquire this ability, knowledge and skill while in the womb – they learn it. For them the status quo is not acceptable.

Conversely, the natural reaction of existing businesses is to move into management mode to make the status quo more efficient, to ruthlessly control overheads and cut staffing. But while these companies may survive, they do not necessarily prosper. Why? Because they fail to capitalise on chaos. They look down, not up and they look at the world as it was, not as it is. That’s why we need Intrapreneurs.

An Intrapreneur is someone who is enterprising whilst working for somebody else and manages to keep their job. They are the anarchists in organisations.

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Since the financial meltdown of 2008, the economic landscape across the world has changed dramatically and still continues to change. The companies that prosper – not incrementally but significantly – are the ones that ensure that everyone in the business stops thinking and acting like managers or employees and starts thinking and acting like entrepreneurs . Except you can’t be an entrepreneur working for someone else but you can be an Intrapreneur and you need to let Intrapreneurs flourish.

Intrapreneurs find ways of doing things differently for less and getting more as a result. Intrapreneurs have fun, most of the time, as they subvert the system.  Some find there is no point in staying some are rewarded. Businesses are staffed by people – they make the profits – and if they can find a better option they will leave often to start a business in competition.  So if entrepreneurs can capitalise on chaos, why can’t you and your business?