“One of the UK’s Best Small Business Startup Books on Amazon?”

The Accidental Entrepreneur’s Handbook is definitely one of those small business startup books with a difference…

No new business ever started with a plan – it started with a conversation. So why is it that in every single business start-up book I have ever read, they tell you that you need to have a business plan before you can start a business?

The Accidental Entrepreneur's Handbook coverThe Accidental Entrepreneur’s Handbook has been written to help all those people who never thought they could or would have to start up their own business. This book is like no other business startup books you have ever read because it is based on the premise that conventional business plans are optional.

Anyone can learn to become enterprising and start up a business. Yes! Anyone. Even you cowering in the corner over there. If you have ever had the faintest stirring of a desire to start up a business, this book is for you.

The following Q&A’s are aimed towards helping you!

Why do I write small business startup books?

It’s the start up book so many of the people who have taken part in the programmes and events I have run over the years have been telling me I had to write.

Who needs small business startup books?

Everyone who is thinking of starting a small business needs a how-to guide – even that very small pool of people who reckon they are natural born entrepreneurs. And what is different about the Accidental Entrepreneur is that it’s also aimed at people who are interested in doing enterprising things in their communities and want to know how to go about it.

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ei-bulb-transparent-copy-1What do you get from these books?

What you get from the Accidental Entrepreneur is not just a practical guide to starting up and running a small business but a guide to setting up the right kind of small business for you. And, like a chef’s favourite cook book, you’ll find yourself returning to the Accidental Entrepreneur for advice and affirmation.

Will this book help my small business or UK startup?

The Accidental Entrepreneur Handbook can be used by people anywhere in the world, at any stage of an enterprise journey. They may be thinking of setting up a new business, they may already have started one but they need help taking it forward.

What are the key points of the book?

  • No Business Started With A Plan
  • It started with a conversation
  • This book gives you confidence
  • This book gives you an enterprise mindset
  • This book teaches you how to understand the business side of stating a business
  • This book is fun

Who will benefit from this book?

Anyone who has ever thought they might want to start up a business – either now or in the future – will benefit from the Accidental Entrepreneur. It assumes no prior knowledge on behalf of the reader. It will not laugh at you and it will not make you do anything you don’t want to do. I cannot guarantee that you will start up a business once you have read the Accidental Entrepreneur, but I can promise that, having read the Accidental Entrepreneur, you will feel more enterprising.

Where can I buy The Accidental Entrepreneur’s Handbook?

Easy, you can purchase The Accidental Entrepreneur’s Handbook from Amazon by clicking the image below which will take you straight there…