Want a business speaker for another sit down business event?
Then you don’t want book Enterprise Iain

Want to book a business or enterprise speaker in a suit with a power point presentation ?

Then the last person for that is Enterprise Iain.

Here’s why..

“Enterprise Iain brings a stand up’s flair to the sit down world of business and enterprise.”

“If we could bottle essence of Enterprise Iain we would all be bouncing off the walls with inspiration and information.”

“ Enterprise Iain is one of the most unusual speakers on enterprise around.  Firstly, he is so challenging, secondly, he is so entertaining and finally, you leave any of his sessions just feeling good about yourself.”

What’s on Offer?

Enterprise Espresso Shots
– learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur, even if you are not going to be one.

Every business needs some to set the entrepreneurial sparks flying. Every conference or event needs a zing, that something that gives your audience a lift but also challenges them so they leave excited.

Enterprise Iain has worked his magic for the NHS, Housing Associations, teachers – you name it.  It is not just that he is good but that he is good and has worked with so many diverse people in the UK for a while now. He gets people who work for other people and what makes them enterprising.

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Coffee, Scones And Enterprise Therapy.

Run Your own business?
Wonder where you can find the energy to find the energy?

Enterprise Iain has a marvellous session for you, either on your own or as team.  It’s called Coffee, Scones and Enterprise Therapy.

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Enterprise Anarchist

“No Business Ever Started With A Plan!”  Enterprise Iain has been saying this for over thirty years now.  More importantly he has been working with all sorts of start up support agencies to help them unlock the enterprise potential of their clients.

Lets be precise here.

Over 1,300 people have been on an Enterprise Iain start up programme.

His clients have included:

  • Unlocking Potential in Cornwall,
  • Bradford Metropolitan Council,
  • Leeds City Council,
  • Blackpool Council,
  • Croydon Council.

Surprised?  You shouldn’t be as Enterprise Iain was one of the pioneers of enterprise mindset and working with groups of people who needed their confidence built and wanted to learn how to run a business in a different way.

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