Dear Enterprise Iain

I am about to start my own business and what to know what do entrepreneurs eat? Actually what do enterprising people eat?

I have been following all the coverage of Michelle Mone the new Business Tsar, and in particular her diet and exercise regime. Clearly to be a successful entrepreneur you have to have your own personalised diet and eating plan. Personally, I get by on a six pack of diet coke and if my sugar level runs low a twix. Sometimes I have porridge – usuaully from those nice Scottish entrepreneurs Stoats Oats. I do admit I feel better after the porridge but the reality is that if I want to create a global sensation of a business I haven’t time to spend on this food malarkey. However having seen Ms Mone and read about her achievements I am now reconsidering my diet.


ps I am not related to Gillian McKeith
pps What happened to Gillian McKeith anyway?

Dear Gillian,

What a timely question. I too have been wondering for some time about what entrepreneurs eat.

Might I start by saying that if your diet is mostly sugar, as you indicate, I would get cracking on the global ambition fast as you are unlikely to be around long enough to enjoy the fruits of your success. And talking of fruit, fruit is good. Bananas in particular. As is lots of lovely veg.

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But seriously Gillian, you do make an interesting point which is that you believe that you do not have time for this “food malarkey” as you put it. Well wake up and smell the coffee, or dandelion tea. If you do not look after your health you will get ill and then you will not have a business anyway! Time out making and eating good food is time well spent on your business. It means time to get away from the everyday pressure of the business, to stand back and reflect. Making food is also a great lesson for entrepreneurs, as things do not go to plan. You run out of produce, have missing ingredients, have things behave unexpectedly (just look at the business lessons you could learn from the great British Bake Off!). So my advice is very simple. Look after your health by looking after what you eat and you and your business will prosper.

I have suggested you look at books by these great cooks – there is food here to suit all types of enterprise personality. Delia Smith – you can’t go wrong. Well prepared, well researched – always delivers. For those who seek certainty in an uncertain world!

Gino D’Acampo – lovely, straightforward healthy recipes – and, of course, all Italians know their cuisine is the best in the world. For those with confidence, or who want to build some.

Hemsley and Hemsley – for the alternative thinkers out there. Delicious recipes minus the gluten and refined sugars. Happy cooking.

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